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This site is the result of extensive research by me Alan See, in the hope of finding many more who bear my surname. The search to date has taken me across the length and breadth of the country. I like many who embark on this trail, have had many disappointments or dead ends but there have been successes which spur me on and on. I have also had the opportunity of helping others with their own research.

This long journey has been fruitful but at times expensive. By way of sharing and maintaining this new product I invite prospective suscribers to pay a small one-off payment to access the database. Consideration to waive this fee will be given to any Sees or those who can provide information regarding this one name study & collateral branches. If you think you fall into the latter or have any questions concerning the site please contact me by e-mail using the button below.

This site contains 24 small trees & one Master Database The main database allows you to trace the full pedigree and the associated family of an individual.

The smaller trees are designed to allow the user to view additional information by way of notes, photos & documents etc.
(The notes are only in respect of deceased persons)

The site is best viewed with a screen resolution set at 1024 X 768

Registration is easy. Just make your payment using the Paypal option, then "Register for a User Account".

Alan See January 2011

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The Sees of East Anglia and beyond.  A Family history and Ancestry.

I have been flying high in my Genealogy research!

Alan See. Me (Front - blue shirt)
in the cockpit of Concord shortly before its final flight.

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